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Joe at the old Shankill Cemetery which once housed the Stone Chapel of St. Patrick from which the area gets its Gaelic name, anglicised to Shankill. For the real history of Shankill Cemetery read Rushlight Magazine.

There are many more photographs and information on this old Belfast district available to media/broadcasters etc in Rushlight Archives, contact Joe Graham 90626631 

Israel Millikin charged with High Treason

1 May 1797, Belfast News-Letter, Ireland,  The newspaper notice follows:
"This morning, eleven prisoners, under charges of High Treason, were sent off for Dublin, from the Artillery barracks here, guarded by a very strong detachment of the 22nd regiment of light dragoons, viz:

Joseph CUTHBERT, Taylor
John GORDON, Woolen Draper
Alexander GORDON, Woolen Draper
Thomas STOREY, Printer
Felix O'NEAL, Schoolmaster
Patrick CLEERY, Clerk to Mr. SPEERS
Robert BLACK, Publican
Alexander ESLAR, Publican
Israel MILLIKEN, Clerk to Mr. S. CLARK, Hatter
Robert REDFIRN, Sadler"

Israel and many other United Irishmen who struggled to remove English rule from Ireland in 1798 are buried in the old Shankill cemetery

Shankill Road was for a time known as the Antrim Road as can be seen on old maps of Belfast.

The mound on which Woodvale Park is built was once the site of an ancient Irish O'Neill fort, one of a series of such 'look out' forts along the high grounds and hills  in the are which we now know as Belfast

Shankill Road provided many fine boxers through the years  such as Jimmy Warnock, one of three great local brothers who boxed.

Some Shankill Burials


The burial place of Arthur Creighton.


Erected to the memory of Isabella, beloved wife of Robert Crosby, died 7th June 1866. Also the above Robert Crosby, died 19th Jan. 1885. Also Lizzie, beloved wife of William Crosby, died 23rd May 1915.


The family burying place of Revd. John Crossley.


Erected by Robert Crothers in memory of his mother Mary Crothers who died Aug. 1861 aged 61 years. Also 4 of his children who died young.


Erected by John Crothers in memory of his loved brother who departed this life on the 10th February 1876 aged 48 years. Also the above John Crothers who died 22nd June 1881 aged 43 years. Also Sarah Jane, wife of above John Crothers, who died 7th Sept aged 56 years.


Here lyeth the body of Margaret Cunningham, wife to Alex Cunningham of Belfast merchant, she departed this life 9th Jan. 1780 aged 69 years. Also the bodies of (6) of their children who died in infancy. Also the body of (Margaret) Cunningham daughter of (Jno) Cunningham by his second wife Anne Cunningham who departed this life (17) April 180(1) aged (18) yrs and 6 months. [ lines unreadable, probably a tribute to the deceased.] Also sacred to the memory of Ann Cunningham, 2nd wife of the above John Cunningham, who departed this life the 18th Sept. 180(9) in the 53rd year of her age. A pious Christian Also Mary Cunningham, wife to John Cunningham, Belfast merchant, who died 10th Sept. (18..) aged (.)8, beloved and respected by all her friends. Also the bodies of(6) of their children who died in infancy.


Mary Jane, wife of Samuel Augustus Crowe, died 19th Oct. 1901 aged 28 years.

Also their daughter Elizabeth Ann died 11th Sept. 1899 aged 1 year & 7 months.

Also their daughter Marie died 13th Feb. 1903 aged 1 year & 9 months.


These railings were erected by Henry C. Cruies in loving memory of his dear father and mother Hugh and Isabella.


Rachel Cully [ son], 1891.


Erected to the memory of John Culton, who died on the 15th October 1817 aged 74 years. Also his wife Catherine who died on the 9th day of March 1837 aged 76 years.


Erected to the memory of Jane Cumber, wife of Timothy Cumber, who died July

15th 1855 aged 28 years. Also in memory of Emily Ann, daughter of James and

Ann CREED of Leeds, who died 22nd May 1856 aged 2 years & 8 months.


Here lieth the remains of Ann Cumin who departed this life 7th Novr. 1802 aged

56 years. Also Robert RODDY who died the 8th August 1803 aged 28 years. Also

his brother’s daughter Mary-Ann Roddy who died Feby. 1825 AE 14 months.

Also his mother Catherine Roddy, died 8th Sept. 1833 AGE 86 years.


Erected by James Crily in memory of his daughter Margaret Ann, died 20th Dec. 1877 aged 2 years and 6 months.


The family burying place of Joseph Croft, Belfast.



Welcome to the Shankill Road


In a mean abode on the Shankill Road,

Lived a man named William Stoat,

And he had a wife, the curse of his life,

Who continually got his goat

So one day with her nightdress on

He cut her skinny throat.

With a razor Gash he settled her hash

Oh never was crime so Quick,

But the steady drip on the pillow slip

Of her life blood made him sick,

And the pool of gore on the bedroom floor

Grew clooted cold and thick.

Still, he was glad he had done what he had

As his wife lay cold and still,

When a sudden awe of the angry law

Filled his soul with a dreadful chill

And to end the fun so soon begun

He took a sheet from his wife’s cold feet,

And he knotted it into a rope

And he hanged himself from the Pantry shelf

‘Twas an easy end, let’s hope

With his final breath in the jaws of death,

he solemnly cursed the Pope

But the strangest turn of the whole concern

Is only just beginnin’

He went to hell and his wife got well

And is still alive and sinnin’,

For the razor blade was Free State made,

And the sheet was Ulster Linen,


Tommy Armour, “The Shankill Bombshell”

Tommy ‘The Shankill Bombshell” Armour had 176 fights in a career that spanned 15 years.. 136 Wins... 36 loses,.. 4 Draws and won by 38 Knockouts, is that some kind of record or what. Totime greats 1.hat he mmy was said to be the hardest puncher ever in Irish boxing. The old knocked out were Jack Casey, Dave Mason, Sam Sloan, Sam Lee, Pastor (ilover, Kid Farlo, Al Summers, Tommy Cullen, Nipper Kendall, Jock McCusker, who later stayed the distance with Tommy, Dan Canning, Chuck Flannigan, Vic Philpot, Jack “Shadow” Walsh, who he knocked out in the 3rd round for the NJ Welterweight Title in 1939, then, Cyril Johnson, Paddy Hamill , Jim Devlin, Ron Hatton, Angus McGregor, ah, the list is endless.. but the real big Knockout of his life was at Cliftonville Park in July 1943... he knocked out Eric Boon the British Title holder in the 5th round and Jack Soloman’s, Boon’s manager never forgave him as he later said, “For knocking out the best fighter I ever managed”. The fight was a non-title bout and of course Soloman’s being the shrewd business man saw to it that Tommy never got another crack at Boon for a chance of taking the title, Tommy Armour and Patsy Quinn another hard puncher met four times and each time the crowds came from all over Belfast to see this local “Derby” between the Shankill Warrior and the Sailortown Terrier., they knew they were in for a hard sloggin’ match and that neither man would lie down and true to form each man gave his best and at the first fight in June 1939, Tommy won in the 10th round... then in front of a packed house they met again In May 1943 and this time Patsy took the decision after 10 rounds.. and it wasn’t over yet... in November 1943.. they met again., this time Tommy took the 10 round decision... and finally they met again in a 15 round bout Patsy Quinn took the decision, four times they met, each winning twice.. an evenly matched pair...and two great Belfast fighters, and it goes without saying that either man should have got a crack at Boon’s Title. The boxers in those days were hard workers , they had to be for there was little money in the game, within four weeks, June to July 1947 Tommy had FOUR fights, he fought Jackie Wilson THREE times and then Willie White.. he won all four of the fights on points. Sadly as Tommy’s career was coming to an end he got the chance of an eliminator fight with H. Hall for the British Welter Title and he lost on points in the 12 round fight, this was August 1948. In April 1951 Tommy was still beating the best, he took the N.l. Welter Title from the great Billy O’Neill after a hard fought 10 rounds by O’Neill. He still went on to fight for nearly two years, still winning well but after his fight with Johnny Barker in which the towel was thrown in during the 3rd round, the great Tommy Armour retired, it was December 1952.


Tommy’s name goes down with the greatest.. Warnock.. McStravick.. Smyth.. Kelly.. Doran... Monaghan... logIc... Quinn.. Caldwell.. Gilroy...

Old Agnes Street Bar popular in 1960's for its Music Lounge

Enfield House also loaned its name to a local street, this was the 6 acre home of a man called James Carlisle, not to be confused with the Carlisle whom Carlisle Circus took its name from, he was an English aristocrat. Emerson Street and Tennant Street were named after the Tennant family who had their 16 acre home at Rushpark, Whitehouse.

Shankill Cemetery Burials

MINGLEAnges Mingle died 28th Sept. 1921 aged 1 year and 4 months.


Erected by friends in memory of Samuel Minnis aged 12 years. son of West Minnis of Belfast. Also West, his infant son.


Erected by William Miskimin in memory of his four children who died in infancy. Also the above William Miskimin who died 7 Oct. 1905 aged 72 years.


Erected by Mary Ann Miskimmon in memory of her beloved father Jonathen

Miskimmon who departed this life 27th Feb. 1864 aged 66 years. Also her mother

Jane MISKIMMON who died 25th May 1853 aged 60 years. And her brother

Robert who died 26th June 1848 aged 17 years.


Erected by George Mitchell in memory of ... Elizabeth Mitchell aged 27 years died

12th Sept. 1842. Also his beloved wife Elizabeth Mitchell who died 4th Oct. 1861.

Also the above named George Mitchell, husband of Catherine Mitchell, who

departed. this life 8th April 1874.


Erected by Mary Mitchell to the memory of her son Benjamin who departed this life the 14th of October 1847 aged 26 years. Also Joseph Mitchell who died the 7th of April 1849 aged 34 years. Also 2 of his children.


(Erected by) Jane (Mitchell) in memory of her husband John Mitchell who died 26 Dec. 1861 aged 40 years.


1862. In memoriam James Mitchell, late of Athlone, who died 15th April 1862 aged 72 years. Also Elizabeth, the beloved wife of the above James Mitchell, who died 23rd Oct. 1877 aged 54 years.


1870. Burying place of Samuel Mitchell.


Erected to the memory of our dearly beloved daughter Eliza Jane Mitchell who died 8th January 1922. Also our dearly beloved sons: Walter Mitchell who died 24th June 1925, Robert Mitchell who died 28th January 1930. Also their dearly beloved father William Mitchell who died 12th July 1937. Also their beloved mother Elizabeth Mitchell who died 2nd January 1949.


See (‘IIAI





Erected by Margaret O’NEILL in memory of her father John Molyneux who died 5th May 1870. Also her mother Jane Molyneux who died 2nd April 1911. Also her brother William Molyneux who died 9th March 1915.


Erected by Maria Moody in memory of her beloved husband Thomas Moody who departed this life 11th May 187C) aged 56 years. Also their son John Moody (James) Williams ... . Maria Moody who departed this life ... April 1893 aged 83 years. Also their son Thomas Moody 23rd March 1890 aged 52 years.


[ Erected by Robert Moor in memory of his father John Moor who died 9th March 1801 aged 64 years.


Erected by William Moorcroft, Belfast, to the memory of his father, mother, and five children, viz. His father Hugh, Feb. 17 1827 AL 60 years. His mother Sarah, Dec. 16 1828 AL 5. (years). His brother Joseph Jan. 20 1825 ... . His son William Jan. 20 18(3) ... [ of stone badly weathered].


Erected by Robert Moore ... 1832.


Erected by John Moore, Belfast, in memory of his son Joseph who died 30th Jan. 1837 aged 7 years.


Erected by William Moore in memory of his beloved wife Rebecca Moore who departed this life the 21st May 1837 aged 38 years. Also his son John who died 11th December 1840 aged 18 years.


[ Tablet fixed to the graveyard wall.] Hugh Moore’s family burial place, of Belfast, 1853.


Erected by Mathew Moore in memory of his daughter Margaret who died 16th June 1859 aged 19 years.


Erected by Benjamin Moore, Belfast, in memory of son Benjamin, died 20 Sept.

I 8 62 aged 34 years. Also his daughter Elizabeth, died 4 Nov. 1866 aged 25 years.

A1so the above Benjamin Moore who died 22 Feb. 1874 aged 73 years. Also his

His wife Jane Moore. I %7 aged 79 years.


Is your child

s friend a ghost?

It is quite common to hear a couple speak of their child

s imaginary friend but one Shankill Road childs story on closer examination unearthed a startling tale. It was in the late 1940s, a young family had recently moved into a house in Canmore Street, off the Shankill Road, and before long their five year old daughter was often heard as though she speaking to someone in different parts of the house, her parents knew no-one but herself was present. The parents chuckled and remarked that the child had made up an imaginary friend. Later when they began to discuss the matter with the child they were very surprised to hear the girl describe her friend as an old man like my grand-dad ... and he has had very bad leg ... he limps. They expected their daughter to describe a little boy or girl of her own age ach well, they thought, its just innocent fun ... a childs imagination. The child soon began telling her parents stories of Old Tom, her friend, You know his wife died and his son was killed in the war. The parents just didnt know what to make of all this and became a bit worried, but the biggest shock of all came when the father was having a pint in a local bar and was telling a long term resident of his street about his daughter and her imaginary friend. The neighbour looked concerned and related that indeed the old man, by the name of Tom, had formerly lived in the young familys house ... his son was killed in the recent world war and his wife had also died. The old man had lived a very sad life for a few years and neighbours were awoken to the fact one day that he had hanged himself in the back room. So it appeared that their little girls friend was anything but imaginary and when they learned that the old man had a limp ... well!



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